Friday, January 8, 2010

Give It A Ponder...Think Before You Text

There is a really awesome ad campaign out from LG about texting. Aimed at teens, James Lipton (of Inside The Actors Studio fame) asks to "Give It A Ponder" before texting or sending that racy picture. Some of the best information is in the videos. Here is one of my favorites:

Obviously, not for little kids but the message it clear. We really need to be teaching teens to think before they text and post.

Also on the site are links to definitions of cyber-bullying, a Facebook fan page to tell your story, the Twitter feed and more videos.

I would like to see more resources for teachers and kids but this stuff is really good. The humor really speaks to kids and might actually make them think the next time they want to text something stupid.

So grab your beard and head over to Give It A Ponder to see for yourself.


  1. Some other favorites:
    The stat in this one is overblown, but...

  2. I recently found a similar editorial cartoon about the dangers of texting. Love the humour approach! (January 6th, 2010's entry)

  3. I LOVE that ad!

    As parents, teachers and responsible adults, we really do need to teach teens how to responsibly handle the technology that thrown their way, rather than just assume they'll do the right thing. At SimpleK12, we have a ton of free Internet Safety Resources:

  4. I like it, but do students even know who James Lipton is?

  5. As a mother to two small people, it is my responsibility to teach them as they grown how to use the internet responsibly. It's also a lesson many, many adults could use a class in. Awesome video!