Monday, April 19, 2010

The #140Conf In New York City

I am sitting at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport waiting to catch a flight to the 140 Characters Conference in New York City. What is the #140Conf you are asking yourself? Well, it is the largest gathering of the movers, shakers and groundbreakers in the world of social media. Organized by Vonage founder Jeff Pulver the conference aims at getting to the bottom of the real-time web, mainly, how people from all walks of life use Twitter to make a difference.

You might remember I attended last year when it was in Los Angeles and I am so very humbled and honored to be asked to come back and speak. The LA panel made such an impact that among the celebrities like MC Hammer and Ann Curry, among the businesses, media and others there are 2 Education Panels and a talk by Chris Lehmann of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.

The Education Panel on Day 1 is made up of, Mary Beth Hertz, Kevin Jarrett, Lisa Nielson, and moderated by Aparan Vashisht. Their topic centers around how access to the real-time web has effected education.

The Education Panel on Day 2 is made up of myself, Tom Whitby, Eric Sheninger and moderated by Kyle Pace. Our panel centers around 3 different perspectives of how educators are embracing social media and the challenges each of us faces. I will be bringing the classroom perspective. Eric brings the administrators prospective and Tom will talk about training a new generation of educators.

There are so many other great talks by some amazing characters. If you are in the NYC area and you can catch the show I encourage you to stop by, provided you can find a ticket as it is sold out. But if you can't make it you are in luck! The entire event will be broadcast live via UStream starting tomorrow at 8am. Check out the schedule so you can plan on which panels (besides the education ones) you wanna watch.

The event is sure to have tons of laughs, some tears, some amazing insight in to the world of social media and will not disappoint whether you are there in person or watching the stream.

I hope to write a little each day of my impressions but be sure to head back here at the end of the week to catch my full reflection!


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