Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The #140Conf In New York City Day 1

(Because of the autoplay features that Ippio uses, I took down the actual videos so it was not distracting. But I have included links to the videos so you can check them out.)



An amazing first day of some of the coolest social media people on the planet talking about how we, you and me are being changed by the real-time Internet. We heard from MC Hammer and how he is using social media to discover new music for his label. We heard about a man in Isereal who, if you tweet him a prayer will put it in the Western Wall. One of the coolest panels was the GeoLocation panel with Foursquare and Gowalla talking about the future of mobile devices.

But really, while all that stuff is interesting, that isn't what we came for. We are here to tell our story about education.

On the drive back to Long Island I pondered this post. I was able to do some real reflecting, thinking back to the amazing talk given by Chris Lehmann and how I could capture that. Or the great EDU Panel of Mary Beth, Kevin and Lisa, lead by Arpana that really drove home the point of teaching kids about digital footprints. But then it dawned on me. I would it no way be able to capture either of them in a way that would even begin to capture their moments.

Fortunatly for us there is the video archive.

So first up, Chris Lehmann, Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philly, ignites the crowd and gets them thinking about the future of education.

Watch his video here.

And then the EDU Panel 1...

Watch their video here.

You can also check out the entire archive here.

It was an awesome Day 1 and Day 2, I am sure will be more of the same. Oh, and Day 2 has the 2nd EDU panel so be sure to tune into the livestream ( to watch or head back here tomorrow to get the archive.


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