Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Edublog Awards

Its that time of year again for the Annual Edublog Awards. These awards celebrate "the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology."

Here are my nominations:

Best Teacher Blog- Philly Teacher- Mary Beth Hertz is a Computer Science Teacher in an elementary school in West Philadelphia. She writes about technology, teaching, and the blending of the two in her classroom and school. Her posts are resourceful and inspirational to all that read.

Best Resource Sharing Blog- NCS-Tech- If there is one place I can always count on to get a new tool or idea to use with my teachers it is Kevin Jarrett's blog. From tons of Google Tips to Social Media and Social Networking, there is something here for every educator.

Best Group Blog-I actually have two. Tech&Learning Advisor Blog-With writers from all areas of education the content here varies from tech tips to real discussions about the future of education. The other is the Digital Learning Environments Blog. Some of educations deepest thinkers have some amazing posts here.

Most Influential Tweet-Based Discussion- #Edchat- I am a little bias on this one but, with the countless educators that regularly participate from around the world its worth the nod. Growing from a conversation with just 3 people to 2 weekly sessions, blog posts, individual country editions, and and on going stream of ideas on how to make education better for kids. This nomination is for all who participate in and support #edchat.

Most Influential Blog Post- Would You Please Block?- This post by Bud Hunt really spoke to me this year. In it he lays out a letter to a teacher explaining why certain sites should not be blocked from Internet Filtering in the classroom and the role of the teacher in the classroom. It is a well written post that is tops in my book!

Best Educational Use Of A Social Networking Service- Beth Still's ISTE Newbie Project- Beth's idea to raise money to send a deserving educator, who, otherwise, would not be able to go to ISTE is a prime example of the humanity we should be showing kids. This nomination is for her, Jason (this year's newbie) and to everyone who is helping to sent him to Denver.

Best eLearning/Corporate Education Blog- Edutopia- Founded by George Lucas (of Star Wars fame) Edutopia is trying to find and promote what works in education. Through their articles, engagement on Twitter and Edutopia Groups they are the ones really making a difference in the world of education.

Head over to the Edublog Awards site to learn how you can make your own nominations.


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