Monday, March 29, 2010

A Different Kind Of #Edchat This Week

At 8pm on Tuesday March 30, 2010, Sir Ken Robinson will participate in a Classroom 2.0 Webinar. The topic will be a discussion of his latest book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. (You can read more about the webinar at For #edchat this week we would like to do a "warm-up" discussion about passion in education. Mainly, what does passion in education look like, and, how could passion promote change in education? 

Why do this? We feel like everyone who participates in #edchat would benefit from the discussion with Robinson and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to participate in the webinar.

We invite all members to participate in both the warm up discussion and the webinar. So we are straying from the normal 5 question topic poll and just going with an opinion poll. From time to time events like this will arise and we would like to get your feedback. #Edchat is driven by the community so it is important to voice your support or concern. (You can vote in the poll here.) Both the afternoon, European Edition and the main, evening edition will discuss passion and it's ability to promote change in education. There will be an archive and we will have our regular follow-up posts.

For any questions please send a message to @tomwhitby, @web20classroom or @shellterrell. We will return to the regular poll next week.

So what do you think? Leave me some comments about the format this week and any suggestions you might have.


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