Friday, April 3, 2009

Top 10 Great Things Technology Leaders Do...

It's Friday! So that means I step away from tools and websites and try to give you some insight into how great technology programs are run. In the past I have talked about energy savings, the future of assessment, and blogs to read to keep up with the ever changing pace of technology in education. Today I want to highlight a great article I came across on Tech and Learning.

Dr. Frank Rudnesky wrote a great article last summer on The Top 10 Great Things Technology Leaders Do. The list is taken from his book 50 Great Things Leaders Do: Let's Get Fired Up! published in 2007. The list highlights the leadership skills great technology leaders exhibit in their programs. Here are a few of my favorites...

Raise The Bar
- "For me, "Raising the Bar" is the prelude to all the great things that leaders do. Granted, everything you do is not off the charts, but your goal should be to create the best. If you are an educator, you see it all the time. Teachers, parents, and students sometimes do "just enough". We are preparing our students for jobs that may not yet exist but one thing is for sure, they will need technology skills for the rest of the 21st century."

Never Ask Anyone To Do Something You Would Not Do-
"Great leaders are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Don't be scared to chip in. As principal of our school, I've done just about every job. I have salted icy sidewalks, cleaned up dog poop, washed cafeteria tables, and painted walls. Granted, some people insist my time is mostly effective in other areas, but when you need something done, people are more willing to get it done if they see you getting it done for them. The same rings true in any organization."

Think Outside The Box-
"This is such an important component to technology integration. The great teachers that integrate technology in a seamless manner are always looking for ways to improve the teaching and learning process. These teachers use technology to take their students to places that other tools cannot."

Have Fun- "
Technology integration is a wonderful tool that can naturally differentiate instruction in multiple, fun ways. I have seen many students "tricked" into learning that was fun and engaging. If teaching is fun, enjoyable learning is sure to follow."

So head on over to Tech and Learning and read the rest of The Top 10 Great Things Technology Leaders Do.

Top 10 Great Things Technology Leaders Do

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  1. Thank you for your kind words and for the plug. I enjoy your blog.
    Stay "Fired Up!"
    Frank Rudnesky