Monday, April 6, 2009

Master Your Vocabulary With WordAhead...

When I was teaching in the classroom, my calling was to math and science. Those subjects always came easy to me because they are very linear, one thing leads to the next. One area I always avoided (and still do to this day) is English. I am, by no means, a "Master" of the language, I know enough to get by (and sometimes enough to get me in trouble!). Even as far back as middle school and high school when I was preparing for the PSAT and SAT I avoided the language sections as best I could and relied on the math sections to carry me. Had I had a website like WordAhead I might not have avoided those verbal sections.

WordAhead is a new way to study vocabulary words. Today the site contains 515 SAT level words with plans to add thousands in the coming months. What makes this site different from all the others is that each word has an associated video that gives the word, the pronunciation, definition, the word in a sentence and visual examples. Each video lasts about 1 minute and are very engaging for students.

Got a word that you think other students would need to know? Awesome, make a video using the tips on the Upload page and your video could be used on the site.

One of the most useful sections on the site is the Study Room. Here students have the option to either watch the videos for each of the words that are available or use the flash card feature and just learn the word and the definition. Students can do a search for specific words or browse the list in alphabetical order.

This is a really cool site that has the potential to be very useful for your students. So head on over to WordAhead and become a Master of Vocabulary!

WordAhead-Vocabulary Videos


  1. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for a great review of WordAhead. I am glad you found it useful.


  2. Hi Steven,

    There is a new and exciting update: WordAhead has recently launched WordAhead for Teachers where teachers can create their personalized word lists and share them with their students. Also the vocabulary videos can be now embedded in a teacher's site or blog in the form of a widget. Click here to visit the Teacher's page directly

    We hope educators will find these new features helpful in teaching vocabulary.

    Thank you!