Friday, September 16, 2011

We Ain't Got No Fear Of Technology!

This video was passed to me the other day. You might have seen it. If you have, watch it again. If you haven't watch it 10 times. Well worth it.

So what did you think?

First, how sweet is that? Second how cool is that?

Here are 2 people, who, I don't want to assume anything, but appear to not be very technologically able. Meaning they might struggle with a new type of technology. But by golly, they jumped right it and tried to figure it out. They didn't fear what would happen to the computer, or to press buttons, or to see what would happen when they clicked things. They were "Technology Fearless!" Nothing was going to stop them from learning what their computer did (or didn't do). The husband can even be heard towards the end encouraging his wife to keep trying, that she will get it.

Sometimes we see the opposite in classrooms. Many teachers are just like the couple in the video. They have no fear when it comes to technology. They jump right in, pressing and clicking and messing. While others are fearful to even touch stuff. Press anything for fear of breaking or messing something up. And many times they are fearful because of the people giving out the technology or the attitude towards the technology. Like its fragile like a new born baby or something. "This stuff costs, lots of Title 1, dollars." "Don't let the students touch your iPad. They might break it."

When it comes to technology integration we have to be fearless. Right? We have to just jump in and not be afraid to poke around and get messy. Kind like what I wrote about Learning being Messy, learning technology is the same way. Sometimes, it's gonna screw up. Sometimes, it's gonna break. Sometimes, its gonna do stuff that we have no idea whats going on and we see the mystical blue smoke coming out the back (which is bad by the way).

The point is, we have to take away the fear behind using technology. Sometimes its best, to just give the stuff out and let people play. Let them discover. Let them learn.

Kinda like kids, huh....
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