Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life-Long Learning

Today I got to thinking....

We encourage our kids to be life-long learners. And when they ask why we tell them all kinds of things like it is important to stay relevant in our careers and it is important for humanity to have people who enjoy learning, etc. (You probably have something much more creative and fun than mine.)

But that lead me to educators and life-long learners...

We want to have teachers that are life-long learners. The why is obvious, at least to me, why I want educators in general to be life-long learners. But why is that the case for you? Why are you a life-long learner?

I would like to collect the reasons you are a life-long learner. Not the reasons you think educators should be but why YOU are. Why do you continue learning? What benefits does it give you? If you aren't, or don't feel you are life-long learner, I would like to know that to and why. Fill out my form below and head back here in an few days and I will post the results. (If you want, you can leave your comments in the...well...comments below.)

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