Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Way To Timeline

There are lots of Web 2.0 Timeline applications out there. I even wrote about one of my favorites, Timetoast, a year ago. Last week I came across a new player to the timeline game.

Preceden is free to sign up and use. You have to have an email address (which is a drawback for some classrooms) and sign up takes as long as it take you to type a name and email. It's that easy.

Once you are in you simply fill in your dates and events. It is very simple to use. One of the nifty features is the layering. For example if you are doing a biography you can layer locations, education, etc all in the same timeline.

Here is an example:

They have other examples of use like a daily schedule, project planner and more. And you can choose to make your timelines private or public.

Some drawbacks I noticed. First was the email sign-up thing. But they have a place on their site for suggestions and that would be a great one to make on behalf of educators. Another is there is no option to embed timelines on a webpage or a blog post so you would have to do a screen capture if you wanted to put it somewhere else. These aren't really deal breakers, just improvements I would like to see in the future. It is in beta so I am sure they have some cool things planned.

So if you are looking for a simple, easy to use timeline maker, Preceden is worth a look!


Update-Thanks to an anonymous commenter embed is available. On the live timelines, under the menu, Timeline List, the timelines do have embed code available. Thank you kind reader for pointing that out!


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