Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why You Need A PLN-An Excerpt From The Simple K12 UnConference

Recently, I had the honor and pleasure of kicking off the Simple K12 UnConference. The "UnCon" aims to provide high-quality professional development to educators that is available anytime. Conferences are usually limited in time and can be expensive. The UnCon provides both live and recorded sessions from now until May 2010. But if you join you have access to the materials for a year. A pretty sweet deal for quality professional development.

Over at their blog they posted an excerpt from my talk on Personal Learning Networks and why you need one. This is a 10 minute clip of an hour long talk on PLN's. I hope there is good information from this clip and I hope you will check out the UnCon for the full version. There are tons of other great sessions on a wide variety of topics including podcasting, digital storytelling, Twitter and more.

Sneak Peek: Personal Learning Networks from SimpleK12 on Vimeo.

Thanks to Kimberly for all your hard work on the UnCon and to both Kimberly and Lisa for what you guys are doing!
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