Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beyond The Bubble: Technology And The Future Of Student Assessment

As educators we understand how important life long learning is. For that reason, today I step away from websites and talk a little about research. There is a lot of great research out there on how technology is used in the classroom and how it has the possibility of boosting student achievement and eliminating student behavior issues. Now there is a really good report out about how the way students are assessed needs to change to keep pace with our changing classrooms.

Education Sector is an independent, nonpartisan thinktank that aims to challenge the conventional thinking of education. From their website;

"We are committed to achieving measurable impact in education policy, both by improving existing reform initiatives and by developing new, innovative solutions to our nation's most pressing education problems. The ultimate beneficiaries of our work are students. Our mission is to promote changes in policy and practice that lead to improved student opportunities and outcomes."

In February the COO, Bill Tucker, published a report entitled
Beyond The Bubble: Technology and The Future of Student Assessment where he outlines where testing is currently and where it needs to go and how technology can be used to better understand what our students are learning, and, more importantly, how our students are learning. It is a facinating report and a very easy read.

While you are checking out the report, take a look at some of the other research they have on their site. There are several topics from all aspects of the education arena.

Beyond The Bubble Report

Education Sector Thinktank


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