Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Beginner's Guide To Podcasting...

More and more teachers and students are venturing into the world of podcasting. Some teachers are using podcasts made by others to suppliement what they are teaching while others are creating their own. Ultimately I would love to see more teachers and especially students creating and sharing their own podcasts among themselves and the community. But where do you start? Do you have to have an iPod or speciality recording equipment? Nope! Let iLounge show you the way.

iLounge prides itself on being the place on the net for all things iPod. If you need help picking the right iPod for your needs or are looking for the latest reviews of apps for the iPhone or iTouch then you really should check out iLounge.

While all those features are great, we want to know about podcasting. iLounge has a special section that most educators would agree is the most comphrensive guide for creating podcasts. The guide has step-by-step instructions on everything from equipment to recording programs to getting your podcast published in iTunes so that others can subscribe and get new episodes as you produce them.

If you are looking for examples of what others are doing with podcasts in their classroom check out these websites and listen to what kids can do! While you are at it check out iLounge and learn how you can get your first podcast created and published in a matter of hours!

WillowWeb Radio
Newfound Elementary Podcasts
Coral Gables High School Podcasts



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