Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Blog On The Go...

Flickr CC-Colleen AF Venable
You might notice a new feature on each of the posts in this blog. Under the heading of each post you will see a "Listen Now" button. By clicking this you can hear the post's audio version, supplied by Odiogo. The audio will play right in your browser, no special software needed. You also have the option to download straight to iTunes or download an mp3 and listen at your leisure. (It takes a few hours for the audio for new posts to be available so be patient.)

Also in the sidebar you will notice a link to subscribe to the podcast version of this blog in iTunes, Juice, Zune or add it to your Netvibes, iGoogle, or Newsgator page. You can even share it on Facebook.

Odiogo is a cool service and best of all it is free!

So, if you are on the go, in the car, working out, or walking the dog take this blog with you!


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