Monday, June 1, 2009

TED For Education Leaders and Administrators

A few weeks ago I wrote about how TED was trying to change the world, 18 minutes at a time, where the worlds most forward thinking people are given an opportunity to talk about really what ever they want. There are some really awesome talks out there on a wide variety of topics.

This weekend I was catching up on some blog reading (and if you don't have a list of professional blogs to read, check out my list here.) and I found a great post by Scott McLeod on his top 20 TED Talks for Educational Leaders and Administrators. While some of the talks do not directly mention education, they all have a far reaching impact and can really change the way you think.

Kevin Kelly On The Next 5000 Days Of The Web

Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity

Ann Cooper Talks School Lunches

For the rest of the list head over to the Dangerously Irrelevant blog.

Top 20 TED Talks For Education Administrators and Leaders


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