Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Indispensable Web 2.0 Tools, Apps and Websites For Teachers

I know I have blogged about several places to go to investigate Web 2.0 tools or other websites/apps to use in the classroom.. There are tons of lists floating around the "Internets" and Twitter and within PLN's that highlight the same information.

Well how about I add one more that you may not be aware of. Recently I discovered a wiki created by Drew Buddie, and expanded by lots of people, that has the most comprehensive list of Web 2.0 tools/apps/websites to use in the classroom. The list is organized in alphabetical order and tells you if it is free or if there is a price. There are over 200 tools/apps/websites here, so many I could never give you the whole list. But what I will do is list some you may not be using that you might want to take a look at this summer.

2Simple - suite of many software tools for primary school use

Alice - programming language to move characters; Downloadable app; Free

Build your wild self - create an avatar for yourself; Used online; Free

CrazyTalk - make a photo talk or sing; Downloadable app - learn about being safe on the Internet; Used online; Free

Exploratorium - resources centred around the human senses; Used online; Free

Freemind - mindmapping tool; Downloadable app; Free

Gazillionaire - business strategy game; Downloadable app; Free (trial basis)

Hot Potatoes - make your own multimedia activities; Downloadable app; Free

Inkscape - vectors graphics editor; Downloadable app; Free

Junkyard Sports - directory of ideas for recycling items to play games; Free

Kar2ouche - create your own animated films from storyboards tied in to specific curriculum areas

Lookybook - get to see & review childrens books page-by-page; Used online; Free

MediaWiki - make your own collaborative documents; Used online; Free

Nation States - political simulation game; Used online; Free

Oovoo - video conferencing tool; Used online; Free - 360 degree panoramic images from around the world; Used online; Free

Quest Atlantis - safe virtual world in which children complete educational challenges; Used online; Free

Random Activity Generator - tool for rethinking how you complete tasks; Used online; Free

Shelfari - share your bookshelf with others; Used online; Free

TextArc - create word pictures from text files; Used online; Free

Ustream - broadcast video footage live; Used online; Free

Visuwords - graphical dictionary & thesaurus; Used online; Free

Wink - create animated screen captures from your desktop; Downloadable app; Free

Xtranormal - create animations from text; Used online; Free

Zotero - collect, manage & cite your research sources; Downloadable app; Free

Of course you will need to head over to the wiki to see the whole list. Bookmark it and when you are looking for something to do with your kids or need that special tool to make your lesson over the top, head over to the Indispensable Tools Wiki. Oh, and be sure to add yours in the comments section.

Indispensable Tools

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