Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Focus On Earth Day-50 Ways To Go Green In The Classroom

In my continuing Earth Day series, today I want to focus on the classroom and what teachers and other education professionals can do to help the planet.

Back in June, 2008 the folks over at Teaching Tips.com created a list of the top 50 Ways To Go Green In The Classroom. They have a few obvious suggestions like use a Power Point Presentation instead of printed notes , using email instead of memos, and turn off your computer in the afternoons. But they have some great suggestions that really make you stop and think. Here are a few of my favorites.

Compost heap: If your school isn’t willing to start composting, you can create a mini compost pile outside your classroom to get rid of some of your garbage, though it’s probably a smart idea to make sure it’s cleared with the administration and fire codes.

Calculate your carbon footprint: You can use this calculator to calculate your classroom’s carbon footprint, or the combined effect all of your students have on the environment. Then, discuss ways to minimize your effect on the environment.

Write with recycled pencils: This number two pencil is also made of recycled wood.

Unplug your mini-fridge: Consider sharing a mini-fridge with the teachers down the hall instead of having your own private refrigerator that soaks up extra electricity

Campaign for an Idle-Free School Zone: These Idle-Free School Zones are catching on and encourage parents who arrive at school to pick up their kids to turn off their engines and reduce pollution.

Student Environmental Action Coalition: This group provides information on local events and global campaigns that are devoted to saving the environment.

So head on over to Teaching Tips.com and check out the rest of the list. If you decide to do any of these, drop me a line or a comment and tell me how you, your classroom or your school is going green!

50 Ways To Go Green In The Classroom

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