Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Blog On Cyberbullying

A new blog on Cyberbullying, cell phones in the classroom, and other technology topics has recently come across my desk. Mike Tully specializes in education law and has created Substantial Disruption, a place where educators, lawyers, and other members of the education community can come together to talk about technology in education, specifically on topics like cyberbullying.

From The Blog:
"This is a place where legal and educational professionals can meet to discuss ideas, share information and research, and even share drafts of articles. This blog and its parent website represent one channel in a growing number of sites devoted to the issues brought to us by cyberspace. However, the goal of this site is to help educators and lawyers meet and greet in cyberspace and help each other define the rules for our brave new cyberworld. Attorneys who are involved with schools have a perspective that educators don’t share, and vice versa. Neither discipline, acting alone, is likely to make any progress toward a world in which we balance Internet-based expression with the need to provide safe schools and secure learning environments."

There are some very interesting posts here. I encourage you to check it out!

Substantial Disruption


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