Thursday, February 19, 2009

Google Earth Resources

Google Earth is a very powerful mapping tool that can be used in all grade levels and all subject areas really. Want proof? Here are just a couple of websites where you can learn more...

Google Earth Lessons-A great resource created by a teacher. Includes lessons for lots of subject areas including math, language arts science and social studies. There is also a great how-to section.

The Google Earth Classroom-This one has a lot of great lessons but is more designed for K-6 classrooms. Also a great how-to section for both teachers and students.

Google Earth Lit Trips-With the Language Arts teacher in mind, this site takes students on literary journeys found is texts they read in the classroom. Books for all grade levels and a very easy to use search function.

21 Ways To Use Google Earth- This is a presentation on 21 different ways to use Google Earth in the classroom. Very cool!


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