Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michael Scott and Technology In The Classroom

Over the weekend I was catching up on some blogs and found myself reading the most recent entry from Michael Wesch. If you don't know who he is or his work it is really worth your time to check out his stuff. Dr. Wesch explores the impact of new media on society. His focus is on social media and how it effects us as a global society. He is doing some fascinating work that is really interesting stuff.

But I digress...

Dr. Wesch posted a video from a Mass Communications class at the University of Denver.This was a project they completed, not at the end of the course, but at the beginning. It is a parody of one of my most favorite shows, The Office. It centers around technology use in the classroom and I would be willing to bet these are the types of things students are struggling with everyday in classrooms all over the country.

Another interesting point Dr. Wesch raises in his post is on mini-projects. What a cool idea to start a class. As he says the students not only learn some essential technology skills but they also get to know each other and how to work collaboratively.

So check out the video and be sure to head over to Dr. Wesch's Digital Ethnography Blog to read more about some of the cool things he and his students are doing.

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  1. This is fun! I have had class experiences like this and even PD like this.