Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Learning Series-A Recap

Over the past 6 weeks I've highlighted a few of my favorite tools, tips, tricks and resources. We covered a lot. Here is a recap of all 10 posts:

1) Collaborative Learning With Edmodo- Here we took a look at what Edmodo is and how you can use it to create a collaborative online space in your classroom. There are some resources there to get you started. Oh and just last week was Edmodocon, a one-day conference where teachers from all over shared how they are using Edmodo. So bonus! More resources.

2) Learning With Hashtags- One of my favorite topics to talk about is hashtags on Twitter. The hashtag is so powerful and you don't even have to have a Twitter account to unleash their power. In this post we take a look at just how to use hashtags to their full potential.

3) TED Talks For Learning- Most everyone has seen a TED video. (If you haven't, then this is the post for you!) These are my favorite TED Talks to start conversation or to get folks thinking about a wide variety of topics like mathematics, computer science, leadership and more.

4) All About Twitter Chats-As a follow-up to the post on Hashtags I discuss on of the most popular Twitter chats, #edchat. More generally give some tips on participating in a Twitter chat and give some of my favorite chats to lurk in on.

5) Doing More With YouTube-There is more to YouTube than just videos. Here we look at some great tools to quiet the distractions, edit videos, or use videos to collaborate.

6) Curating With Diigo-Information literacy is more than understanding where our resources come from. It's also about organizing that information so others can use it too. Curation is an important part of learning. To make that job easier we take a look at Diigo and all the great features there for educators.

7) Starting A Classroom or School Twitter Account- In keeping with the Twitter theme I offer up some things to consider if you want to use Twitter in the classroom or in your school. There might just be some things you haven't thought about. Oh and if you want some ideas on how others are using Twitter in the classroom, you can find that here too.

8) Giving Evernote A Try-Their motto is true to life. "Remember Everything." That is exactly what Evernote does. Here we look at what Evernote is, how I am using it and how you can do more with it.

9) Putting The Internet To Work For You With IFTTT-You can spend a lot of time make sure files are backed up, pictures synced or tons of other things. If This, Then That, can automate a lot of things that happen on the Internet for you. Comes in handy if you have multiple devices in many locations that all need the same information on them.

10) Keeping In Touch With Remind101-Many are turning to texting to keep in touch. That can be great but Remind101 makes it easy and safe. No exchange of numbers and lot of great features.

So there they are. The 10 Summer Learning Series posts. But don't let the title fool you. While these are great tools, tips and tricks to learn during the summer, you could spend some time with them during the school year too. Spend 1 week on each of them and you've got almost 3 months of learning you, your colleagues and your friends could undertake.

Have fun!

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc
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