Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post Your Presentations For The World To See

If you haven't been posting documents online then it is time to get with the Web 2.0 Program! Document sharing is all the rage, everyone is doing it! There are sites like Google Docs and Zoho that allow you to create the documents or presentations right on the site and share them with users you designate or open them up to the world. One of the new kids on the block is SlideShare. This site allows you to post your Power Points, Documents and PDF's to share with anyone. Going to a conference? Don't want to print handouts or copies. Give participants your SlideShare address and they can go get your stuff. What is even more cool than Google Docs or Zoho is that if you have a presentation you can narrate it, sync the slides and post it so that when it is viewed it plays like a video. Presentations can also be shared on all the social networking sites and can be embed on blogs and webpages.

Below is a Beginners Guide to Using SlideShare in the Classroom. You can also head over to my SlideShare page to view other presentations like Smartboard 10, Classroom Performance System and more.


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