Monday, March 18, 2013

The ASCD 2012 Annual Report

Here in Chicago at the 2013 Annual Conference, ASCD posted their Annual Report for 2012. Entitled “Creating Solutions: The ASCD Revolution in Motion.” This report showcases the association’s achievements and serves as a resource discovery tool for educators who seek programs, products, and services that empower them to support the success of each learner.

The online report features association statistics, interviews with ASCD members, product previews, and success stories from across the organization. Report visitors from anywhere in the world can use this tool to watch a clip from ASCD’s inaugural Virtual Conference, learn more about new PD Online® courses on the Common Core State Standards, and hear directly from diverse ASCD members about the benefits of association membership.

I was honored to be asked to be a part of this report highlighting the benefits of being an ASCD Member and how it has benefited me as a professional. 

I think one of the best parts is the infographic (which is one of the more cleverly designed one's I've seen) highlighting everything from the diversity of the membership, to affiliates to the Annual Conference. (Click here learn more.)

So check out the infographic and the Annual Report to learn how ASCD is helping Learn, Teach and Lead. 
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