Monday, March 26, 2012

#ASCD12-A Presentation On Creating Social Media Policies For Schools And Districts

Earlier today I had the honor and pleasure of presenting at the Annual Conference for ASCD. It felt like more of a homecoming as the conference this year was in Philadelphia, a city I have been to several times over the past 2 years for conferences and meetings. The presentation was the featured morning session and livestreamed.

I presented with Sam Walker, an Instructional Technologist at Kimmel Farm Elementary School in my district. Our topic was creating and crafting social media policies for schools and districts. 

Here is our presentation:

And here is our resource document:

And the video we created to help educators understand the importance of the use of Social Media in Education:

The message here is a simple one. Most, if not all school districts, have standards of professional practice. Why continue to put in place restrictive policies that handcuff the ability of educators to do their jobs? As you can see, our social media policy is not a policy at all, but it is a set of guidelines that anyone in the education community (students, teachers, administrators, parents, etc) can follow. We need less rules, and more opportunities for creation, collaboration and sharing.
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