Monday, September 19, 2011

Find New Resources For Your Classroom With eduTecher

I dunno about you but I spend a lot of time looking for instructional and technology resources for use in the classroom. I spend lots of time using Twitter and Facebook and various other social networks. For some, using all or any of those sites can be overwhelming, intimidating, or time consuming. And it's true. There are lots of places to look for "stuff" for the classroom.

Fear not!

There is a wonderful site (run by a very dear friend of mine, Adam, who was the 2011 ISTE Outstanding Young Educator, so you know this place has to be top notch.) that complies the best the web has to offer for resources for use in the classroom, organizes them by subject area and makes it really easy for just about anyone to walk away each time with something really cool to use.

Enter eduTecher.

When you arrive on the site, the first place you are gonna wanna visit are the links. This is where all the gravy is. Organized by subject area, you can dive right in and find something for your area or do a search for something specific. Put a check mark in the box you want to search and browse away. There is so much stuff here. With over 1300 entries there is certainly something new for anyone looking to expand their technology knowledge or offerings in their classroom.

But wait, there's more!

In the TV channel you can see some great videos and presentations put together by Adam on everything from his philosophy on technology, setting up interactive whiteboards, product reviews and so much more.

Guess what? There is so much more to explore. The blog is a great way to learn about new stuff and you can submit your email address and every time the site is updated, you will get a message telling you about all new stuff that was added.

Oh and do you have a smartphone or tablet device at home? Well, lucky you. Because there are mobile apps that provide you on-the-go access to the entire library of sites in the eduTecher database. I have it and use it all the time.

So if you are looking for that one place to go to find new and exciting technology resources to use in your classroom (besides this blog of course) definitely check out eduTecher. When you do, come back here and tell us what you found!

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