Monday, July 25, 2011

Digital Cleansing...

7 days I was unplugged.

For some one who is plugged in just about 24/7, having nothing that connected me to the outside world was interesting to say the least. I normally have a computer, iPad or Galaxy Tab, and phone within reach at all times. But for my annual vacation I didn't even bring these things with me. (I did take a phone just for emergencies but it was in my truck the whole time.)

I got up every morning and drank coffee and watched the morning start over the ocean. I read 5 books. Not eBooks, but books. Fingers touching the pages. There was something nostalgic about it. I put my feet in the water everyday and watched my 2 year old as she discovered what mysteries lie in the sand. I ate...probably too much. Spent countless hours reminiscing with my family and friends.

And I reflected.

I thought about the past year... What had I done? What had I accomplished? What didn't I get around to? What was the thing I did that had the most impact?

And I thought about the next year... What do I want to do differently? What do I hope to accomplish? What can I do to have the most impact?

And I thought....and thought...and thought....

Reflection is an important part of who I am both as a person and as a professional. I get to do a lot of that reflection here, publicly, on my blog. But I don't take enough time to do it just for my self. This was a great time to just put all distractions aside and think and be. (I need to do that more than once a year.)

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in this digital world that we live, and eat, and breathe everyday. I know I do. Rushing to check Twitter or my reader or email whenever I have a spare moment (or more often). And yes, those things are important but if we don't take time to disconnect and really just reflect, how will we know ourselves and our place and what we want to do?

So, I am glad to be reconnected to the digital world but my cord is short now. I am going to spend more and more time doing what's important and that is reflecting on who I am, what I want to be and where I am going.

Join me?

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