Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Series-The One Comment Project

Andy over at the iTeach blog came to me with a simple idea, to discover and promote education bloggers through a project he is calling the 1 Comment A Day Project. Here is what he suggests:

I’m calling it the “One Comment A Day Project”. This project will help promote educational collaboration throughout the blogosphere and promote and stimulate educational dialogue. All you have to do is pick one blog a day (you can obviously choose to read more) and leave a positive, insightful comment for the blogger. That’s it! One comment a day and you can change the blogging landscape and make a blogger smile.

Here is the process.

1. Read a blog

2. Post a comment that is insightful and constructive.

3. Tweet a link to the blog and your comment. Use the hash tag #OneComment

EXAMPLE: I just read a great piece on iTeach blog, check it out! #OneComment

4. Bookmark the blog and return to it another time.

It is just that easy! This Project will help create a positive forum for all who blog and comment. There are so many good educational blogs out there and I look forward to hearing your feedback and engaging in your comments!

I have also set up a separate twitter account for this second phase. It will be 1commentproject. Please follow it for blog updates and blog promotions. When we spread the word about great blogs, we all shine!

So it's that easy! Oh, and you can also join the 1Comment Ning to connect with others that are taking part in the project.

Remember our conversations about growing as an educator? What a great way to discover what others are saying about education and what others are reading about education.

So head over to the Ning, do a search on Twitter for #OneComment, and get involved!

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  1. Steven, This is such a positive post on SUCH a great project. I just joined yesterday and was also inspired to write a post about it (prior to seeing yours!). Hoping many people read about this project and definitely "get on board".