Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We Have To Stop Pretending... #MakeSchoolDifferent

Earlier this week my friend Scott McLeod tagged me in a post that he had written in which he describes 5 things in education we need to stop pretending. He challenged me along with several others to come up with our own lists of those things we need to give up and move past in order to make real change.

I encourage you to read Scott's post along with the collection of statements other have made.

So, we have to stop pretending...

  • That technology is something to fear and that it will just one day "go away."
  • That the role of the school leader has become too managerial and there's no room for instructional leadership.
  • That summative assessments provide a clear picture of student learning and understanding.
  • That standing in front of kids and talking for 40 mins straight actually teaches anything.
  • That social media can't be a valuable conduit to information and understanding.

What do you think? What are the 5 things we need to stop pretending? When you write you post tag it with #MakeSchoolDifferent so everyone can reflect.

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