Monday, March 19, 2012

Product Review-Easi-Speak Pro

Back when I was in the classroom, I went to great lengths to try and capture audio. Whether it was just my lessons so I could post them online or to record audio for student portfolios and feedback I never really found a good way to do it. It always felt combersome. I had to have my laptop and an microphone and then I had to worry about power and storage space. I never really got a good set up that worked well.

So when the folks over at Learning Resources sent over an Easi-Speak Pro for me to try out I got excited because there has to be teachers out there just like me in similar situations. Basically its a wireless microphone that records and stores up-to 4 hours of audio. For me, the best part, no batteries. It is completely rechargeable.

It works like other digital recorders. Press the record button and that's it. When done, you stop. Every recording is timestamped so when you head over to your computer to grab the audio you can identify each one easily.

No computer? No problem. You can play back the recordings through the built in speakers or hook up some headphones and listen. So you could use the device as a listening station or to model good speaking or reading skills.

I had no trouble out of the box to get going. I did some sample recording of my 2 year old practicing some reading and the pick up was great. When we played back the files there they were crisp and clear and editing was a breeze.

I wish I had an Easi-Speak Pro in my classroom to capture all those moments that, trying to get with a laptop just won't do. Head over to Learning Resources to learn more about how you can pick up one of your own.
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