Friday, July 30, 2010

#LeadershipDay10-Some Questions To Ask...

It is that time of year again. Scott McLeod over at Dangerously Irrelevant has challenged all Edu-Bloggers to write posts today on Leadership in Education. I took part in my first Leadership Day last year and it was a lot of fun both writing the post and reading all the other posts as well.

I write a lot about leadership. In the past I have written about how if we ever want to achieve the change we desire in education we have to look at the top. I have also written about how failure in leadership is often due to a failure to communicate effectively. Just last week I did a Keynote for the good folks at NYSCATE where I talked to educational leaders from all over NY State and I tried to drive home some points to consider when it comes to technology integration in schools.

So for Leadership Day 2010 I don't have a post full of suggestions for leaders. I do have some questions we should be asking our leaders and ourselves as leaders in education.

These are 9 questions that I hope we are answering (or at least trying to answer) everyday.

1) Where is our organization going?

2) What is our mission?

3) Are coming into this building everyday and working towards our vision?

4) Is our building a welcoming place for our parents and community?

5) What are we doing to make learning better today?

6) How are we making connections with kids to insure we know each of their strengths and weaknesses?

7) How are we lifting up our teacher leaders and student leaders to grow them in to the leaders of tomorrow today?

8) What are we doing to give back to our community that has given so much to us?

9) How are we making connections and collaborating with partners world wide?

How many of these questions could you answer in your building or district today? Would you add any to the list? Take any away? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Be sure to check out all the #LeadershipDay10 posts. There will be so many great ideas and suggestions that come out of this exercise. But what will have the greatest impact is for you to share. So gather up your favorite posts or all of them for that matter and pass them on to someone who might not be on Twitter or might not read blogs and encourage them to read the amazing and thoughtful ideas out there on educational leadership today.
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