Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting The Word Out For A Fellow Educator...

One of my education/blogger friends is looking for some help. Beth Still has written a post on her blog about a need that her district has. I am offering up this space to help spread the word far and wide. Below is a repost of her post. 

Earlier this evening I wrote an incredibly long post in which I described in detail the administrator position that is expected to be advertised for very soon. I’m going to paraphrase that post  those of you who are willing to help me out by cross-posting on your blog can do so without taking up too much space. People who want to read more can track back to the original post.Please feel free to copy and paste this summary on your blog.
ESU13, a service unit in western Nebraska, is expected to make an announcement very soon that they are seeking to fill the position of high school principal for their alternative education program. This is a truly unique position that is  ideal for a rising star who is looking to make their mark in education. As I said in the original post,  I hope we end up with the next Chris Lehmann.  We need someone energetic, creative, and brilliant to help maximize the potential of our three schools. The administrator of this program is responsible for three different and completely unrelated programs:
  • an alternative high school that serves the needs of up to nearly 50 students
  • a educational program that is housed in a juvenile detention center
  • an brand new online school that is slowly gaining momentum
Many of you know me as bethstill on Twitter. I am using my blog, Nebraska Change Agent, as a tool to help promote this position at my school.  If you are an innovative and visionary leader then you owe it to yourself to drop by my blog and read the full post. There is much more to this position than meets the eye. If you are full of great ideas, but cannot put them into practice because of  strict filter issues or a reluctant staff, then this might be the fresh start you are looking for. Our philosophy is to open the filters up as much as possible and treat mistakes as learning experiences. ESU13 has a clear vision of the future of education in Nebraska, but they need the right people on board to make that happen. Could you be the one? There is only one way to find out.
Requirements to be certified as an administrator in the state of Nebraska.

Do you know someone? Let Beth know or feel free to let me know and I will pass the word along. Oh and you are read the original, longer post about the position here

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  1. Passing it on right now, thanks for the double post...I hadn't gotten to Beth's blog yet this week.

  2. Steven,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I really want to make sure we find the perfect person.