Monday, October 5, 2009

What The Heck Is Google Wave?

If you haven't heard, Google sent out the first of 100,000 invites to try out it's newest product, Google Wave. While I, and many, were not lucky enough to get an initial invite, we can still get an inside look as to what exactly Google Wave is and begin to think about how we can harness its power in the classroom.

Here is a great video explanation:

Here are some great articles about the potential impact of Google Wave on learning:

eSchool News-Google Wave Has Great Potential For Education
ISTE Connects-Google Wave Will Change Education For Ever

If you are one of the "chosen ones" and have access to Google Wave already, you can head to Google Wave Educators and connect with other users.

There isn't a timetable yet as to when Google will allow more users but you can go to the invite page, put in your info, and cross your fingers.

Do you already have it? What do you think? If you don't have it, after watching the video, what do you think? What impact will it have, if any? Is it a tool that has potential or is it just another app that you might use occasionally? Let me know in the comments below.G

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  1. I sadly did not get in on Google Wave either, but I think it will have a pretty big impact. Google dominates the internet market and their products typically will too. I'm excited for when this goes live! Will make my job a lot easier haha. :)