Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Life In 140 Characters Or Less...The Twitter Experiment

Anyone who is anyone has a Twitter account. From President Obama to Shaq to your next door neighbor people are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon to tell the world their story. Even I have a Twitter account (web20classroom) and keep readers of this blog updated with my live Twitter feed on my page. But there is one group of people who are flocking to Twitter in record numbers. Teachers. But how are they using it and how are they bringing it to the classroom?

A group of college students at Plymouth State University have created a wiki for educators on all sorts of Web 2.0 Tools. They have information there for podcasting, bloging, wikis, social bookmarking and Twitter. What I found very interesting are the links they have collected that point to classrooms and teachers using Twitter. They also have links to some great articles on how Twitter works and the educational value of using microblogging.

Web 2.0 Primer-Twitter

Once you have your Twitter account you will need to follow some people. Over at PBWiki Gina Hartman has created a space for educators to find other educators to follow. The list is broken down by subject area. And once you join you can add your own information so others can follow you.



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