Monday, March 23, 2009

Keeping Students Up To Date-Assign A Day

Assign A Day is an online calendar management system designed for teachers and students. It’s a free service that allows you to create and manage your classroom online and share assignments with your students. The interface is incredibly intuitive and is a great way for you to post current and upcoming tasks. Just register (it’s free to do so, and doesn’t require much information to get started), create a calendar, and begin posting. Set the dates of your assignment and a description and you’re ready to go.

The calendar can be viewed in grid or list form, and adding assignments is easy. You can then choose to share your calendar with other educators to edit in case you want to collaborate. I think the best part is students don't need an email address or even register to use the calendars. You simply supply a calendar ID and students/parents can find your stuff. No ID? No problem. Users can search by teacher last name.

A couple of things to think about. If you decide to use the calendar for personal use it will be deleted. (There are tons of other programs for that anyway and why would you want your students to know when your dentist appointment is anyway!) Also if you don't post anything for two weeks the calendar will be deleted. So if you are just trying it out the site suggests to add the word "Demo" to your calendar title so it won't disappear.

The whole thing is powered by, creators of such tools as RubiStar and QuizStar. This is a great tool for teachers to make sure their students no longer have the excuse “I didn’t know that was due today!


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