Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Digital Storytelling With Pixton

Comics and graphic novels are a time-tested method of storytelling, and Pixton is a flash-based comic creation tool that is easy, free, and fun to use. Once you create your account, you can browse other users’ comics, or create your own.

You have three options for creating your own comic: Quickie has predetermined sets and characters, and the user enters just text. Regular allows you to choose from a variety of backgrounds, and characters, and alter just about everything in the scene. Reposition your characters, by moving individual body parts, zoom in or out, and add your own text. (Sorry comic sans fans, that font is not an option.) Large Format is a one-scene mode. Have students use Pixton to illustrate their ideas, as a project for a literature circle group, or to explain the results of their most recent science lab. Foreign language teacher? Teach idioms and humor in their native format, and have the students make their own jokes. Create a comic to illustrate your classroom expectations. The options abound.

In addition to the free version, Pixton also has a licensed option for schools. For one dollar per student per month, you get more privacy controls, the ability to message between students and teachers, and some other customization. Digital storytelling is here to stay, and Pixton is a great tool for the task.


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  1. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the kind words about Pixton!

    We're adding new and innovative features all the time and always welcome feedback - feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions (including fonts).

    Best wishes,

    Clive Goodinson
    Creator of Pixton - Interactive Web Comics